If the thought of posing for a Family Portrait Photograph fills you with dread, then worry no more!

Our White Box sessions are very different, relaxed and most of all, GREAT FUN.

We aim to capture the character, zaniness and sheer exhileration of every member of the family from Gangsta Granny right down to Melvin the Guinea Pig.

If you are looking for something a little different for your family portrait this year then look no further! 

Just complete and submit the form below and we will contact you to arrange your time with THE BOX!


First Name:
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Who is in your family?
Any pets to include?

The Photo Box session usually lasts for about 1 hour and all we ask for is a deposit of £25.00. 

So what do you need to bring?

All the family - Yes, even you Dad and don't forget the family pets (so important)!

2 (or more) different styles of clothing - Don't be afraid of big and bold colours (or even all your Superhero outfits)

A selection of interest related props for each person - What do you love doing? skating, music, cooking, karate, gymnastics, cricket, ballet, football, dinosaurs, minions, Star Wars, Peppa Pig etc.

Thanks for your interest in our new concept for Family Photo Shoots

Once we receive your registration, we will contact you to arrange your session (believe me it will be FUN)

Following your photo shoot you will be invited back to the studio for an exclusive viewing of your images and you will choose your 9 favourite images for your very own WHITE BOX.

We have a range of options for you to choose how you prefer to display your BOX and we will discuss these at your photo shoot. 

T & Cs Apply



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